How is AYD Saving the World?

ayd believes in walking the walk of sustainability

We’re employing all UN SDGs from the building’s structure to the food that is served. Every part of the services provided and the operations of the facility will be the pinnacle of sustainable business practices.


ayd is sustainable construction

From the design and construction by RotoArk, David Hertz FAIA and Lendager Group sustainable architecture firms to the daily operations of our club complex, we are applying pioneering approaches in energy use – utilizing the latest in solar technology, insulation, thermal capture, recycling and water conservation in our zero waste facility.


ayd is sustainable consumption

Hyper locally sourced fresh ingredients from our own urban farm and permaculture garden will limit travel time for food, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. We will have no need to preserve and transport organic produce. This establishes a precedent: life can be lived well for the individual and surroundings, concurrently. Our intention is for our members to return home inspired and motivated to respect that nature is continually part of their daily lives.


ayd is membership community that wants to save the world

Not only will we serve as an example of this nature-focused approach to running a business, but every member of the community will be admitted on the basis of contributing to at least one of the below UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We believe that by healing ourselves we can heal the World, therefore we put emphasis on personal growth, alternative medicine, self-care, wellness and treatments around our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.