AYD Foundation

Launched in late 2015, The AYD Foundation was a direct response to the tragedies faced by the European refugee crisis. The humanitarian crises faced by immigrants was something that felt powerful and personal, and so the Foundation raised awareness and funds for various charitable causes in 2015 and 2016 that had demonstrated clear management and efficient operations.


Building on a core of care and compassion, after the grand opening in 2020 the Foundation will shift focus towards direct action within the Los Angeles community, by funding cultural projects, art events, education, health care, and programs that address homelessness and extreme poverty.


One of the organizations the foundation will support is Inner-City Arts in Downtown LA, which promotes creativity, original vision, quality, and sustainability. Using art as a positive motivator for change, Inner-City Arts gives under privileged inner-city children the opportunity to lead productive and successful lives by developing their artistic expression, improving learning skills and building self-confidence.


In time, and as the Foundation grows, the AYD family aims to devote resources to global concerns such as climate change, war zones, natural disaster relief, cures for chronic illnesses, and to support projects in the developing world.